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The motive of the Cargo Rail Europe association is the Europe-wide, structured reorganisation of the interests of various parties involved in railways as a consequence of the liberalisation and "Europeanization" of rail-freight traffic.

Its particular aim is to ensure the continued existence of an efficient rail system despite, or perhaps on account of the new railway laws and in particular the new law on vehicles that both protect and use the private investments in rail-freight traffic of the past decades.

Furthermore CRE understands itself as an opinion poll towards politics to focus on the structural defects in rail freight traffic. On the one hand one has to mention the mainly discussed conflict that rail freight traffic has not the same chance to be put on the railway track than passenger traffic. These unacceptable circumstances have to be solved.

On the other hand CRE focuses on the unequal sponsorship by the states which don’t lead a competition in rail freight traffic. These are mainly: intermodal rail road transport versus wagonload traffic. Especially wagonload traffic plays an important part in the European Rail freight traffic, but this fact is not so important for the politicians. This has to be changed! Most of the politicians think that intermodal rail road transport is the key to solve all freight traffic problems in Europe.

That's the main aspect of CRE's work: Europe needs a functional wagonload traffic system which bases on a well organized system of sidings. On the one hand CRE wants to reduce the political disregards towards sidings and on the other hand CRE works for stopping the reduction of sidings.
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