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Protect private investments by increasing efficiency and competition
As a consequence of the liberalisation and "Europeanization" of rail-freight traffic, the availability of reliable basic conditions to overcome daily operating problems is becoming increasingly problematic. Railways are in competition and want to cope with the system rail with individual regulations and generally applicable terms of business. This approach does not go far enough. Cargo Rail Europe aims at reorganising the common interests of the shippers to protect private investments in sidings, transhipment facilities and freight wagons throughout Europe. The first aim is to ensure the continued existence of an efficient system rail despite liberalised railway law.

Especially the European-wide reduction of sidings has to be stopped because sidings are one of the bases of an active and attractive system "rail freight traffic".

This needs the contribution of all partners involved in rail traffic.

Improve efficiency despite liberalisation
The goal is to improve the competitive strength of rail-freight traffic as a whole through a genuine liberalisation and simultaneous active support for competition between rail traffic companies. On the one hand, the opportunities offered by the new legislation should be used to the benefit of rail, and on the other hand the risks should be minimised. Although freedom is important in the system rail, minimum generally binding and standardized basic conditions are needed in the industry for international, liberal rail freight traffic. Fair competition can only develop with harmonised and simple basic conditions, which in turn make rail carriers on the whole a competitive alternative to road traffic.
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